Monday, 7 December 2020

Tree Following December Update

 This year for Tree Following I've been following a horse chestnut tree in North Merchiston Cemetery (one of the cemeteries on our #DailyExercise route that we have been walking most days since the beginning of lockdown - we're no longer in actual lockdown but continued restrictions have meant that we have carried on walking this route every weekday lunchtime. 

The horse chestnut has now lost most of its leaves

9th November 

10 November

11 November 

Several long tailed tits were flying round the tree when I took that photo above but I don't think any of them show in the photo. These lovely little birds form flocks at this time of year and wander through the woodlands, often in the company of other small birds. 

15 November 

17 November 

and time to look closer at the bark! 

and after recent rain, you can see how some areas of the trunk are very wet while some have stayed dry!


RG said...

Good to still get out and around outside - that is about all we can do here! Nice and peaceful there though!

Sherrie said...

Your tree is beautiful. I've got a Maple tree and it has also lost it's leaves.
Have a great day!

Larry Kollar said...

I never thought about following a tree, before! I'll have to try that next fall.

I do have plenty of trees around here to choose from, fortunately. :D

So anyway, I'm trying to reconnect to my old blogging circle. A lot of those blogs are gone, so I'm glad to see you're still active as well as being on Twitter.

Lowcarb team member said...

Good post, so nice to see your photographs.

All the best Jan

Squirrelbasket said...

Excellent pictures and snippets of nature as usual!
I love long-tailed tits and usually hear them before I see them - so noisy.
Although I haven't seen them for ages - maybe when the weather gets colder...
Do stay safe and have a lovely Christmas :)