Friday 27 January 2006

Altered Book 2

I'm much happier with this page than with the earlier page in the book! We visited the Museo di Antichita in Torino so I've pasted a ticket from the museum plus a separate copy of the photo onto an article about archeological discoveries with the photo echoed in a pencil crayon design across the page.

Saturday 7 January 2006


Kingfisher, green, blue
orange, flashes upriver
brightens winter's grey.

Wednesday 4 January 2006

Think Local, Act Local!

Post offices, specialist shops, greengrocers, newsagents are all disappearing from your local high street. If you live in the UK you can help halt this decline in communities by joining the campaign for Sustainable Communities at Local Works:

Locally run shops and businesses employ local people and help maintain vibrant, lively communities. If you shop locally, you reduce traffic congestion and pollution as well as supporting your local community.