Friday 30 December 2005

Poetry cards

Just now, I'm making poetry cards to use as fliers or greetings cards or even bookmarks depending on the size. All made from recycled materials of course! Some examples: a haiku on the back of a Japanese phonecard, an extract from a poem about tea on part of an old tea box, a poem about the world map on the timezone map torn out of an old diary..... I'm coming up with several great ideas to recycle old materials whilst publicising my work!

Sunday 11 December 2005

Friday 2 December 2005

Recycled Toys

When I was at the International Playbus Congress in Turin, I attended a workshop at the Serendipity Ludoteca (, making toys from recycled materials.

I of course made a cardboard dancing rabbit, using used cardboard, used string and non-toxic paint. Any resemblance to our own rabbit Anya is entirely intentional!

The carrot is attached to strings at the back of the model so that when you pull the carrot the strings make the limbs move.