Friday 14 September 2018

Very Changeable Weather

Some places in the world are just now bracing themselves for the big storm to hit (there are seven major storms happening in the world at the moment, which is a lot. Climate change is increasing the number of such storms and also making many of the storms more deadly than they otherwise would be).

Here in Scotland we're out of the path of any major storms and the weather all day has been entirely unpredictable. It's raining heavily at the moment but at lunchtime it was beautifully sunny for a while so I joined Crafty Green Boyfriend for a walk round Corstorphine Hill.

Hoverflies (like the Epistrophe grosullariae below) were keen to make the most of the umbellifers in the sunshine

and the yews are looking at their best just now (remember these trees are poisonous!)

The sun went in soon enough though and the clouds brought the rain over

It became quite slippery underfoot but it's nice to wander round in the rain if you're wearing waterproof clothes!


eileeninmd said...


I am glad you are free of storms in Scotland. We have had a wet summer and now it looks like our fall is going to be cloudy and wet. It is rare to see the sun lately. Love the photos, pretty blooms Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

Lowcarb team member said...

I think you just have to get out and about when the better weather allows, or go out dressed for wet weather … now where are my wellies?

All the best Jan

sage said...

It was looking scary here the middle of the week, but the storm ended up going north (I grew up just east of Wilmington and saw a lot of familiar places on the news over the past few days). But we didn't get much, just a little breeze and an occasional shower.