Friday 15 July 2016

Sheltering from the rain

It was raining at lunchtime but Crafty Green Boyfriend and I braved Corstorphine Hill. Many creatures were hiding from the rain, like these snails, who seem to have found something to do together to while away the time until the rain stops

Then there was this burnet moth, which didn't want to reveal the number of spots it has and crept around the petals of the rosebay willow herb carefully staying partially hidden all the time

And meanwhile if you're a fairy, what better way to shelter from the rain than with one of these fairy bonnets (that is, if I'm correct in my identification the actual name of this fungus!)?


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Bees are great at hanging upside down in the rain under flowers! You have good eyes to spot these creatures hiding away.

Lynn said...

Fairy bonnet is a perfect name for that fungus! Lovely photos, as always.

sage said...

You do see different things during hikes in the rain. Good for you for getting out.