Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bees and waterbirds

Although the afternoon and evening have been dull and rainy today, this morning was beautiful. Lots of bees enjoying the sunshine on the Hypericum bushes in Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Gardens

buff tailed / white tailed bee 

honey bee 

Lovely to see the waterbirds enjoying the sunshine too - here's a moorhen in the Chinese Garden pond 

 The pond is covered in waterlilies at the moment

 and you get a lovely shady view from the little pagoda 

In the main pond, the mallard ducklings are growing up quickly


RG said...

Nice morning to be out.

Caroline Gill said...

Glad you had *some* sunshine. We had wall-to-wall rain two days ago when we were having a day-out with a friend. Just grey today ...

sage said...

It's a lovely world we're blessed to live in!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Looking very pretty and bright there! We've had out 20 minutes sunshine allocation for the day, back to grey now.