Saturday, 8 August 2015

Arthur's Seat

Some photos from Arthur's Seat from this morning:

The red-orange berries on the rowan trees are a great colour contrast with the vivid pink of the rosebay willow-herb

Lovely thistles in bloom
and a close up!

Lovely to see the vipers bugloss in bloom, it was buzzing with bees, though none of them stopped still long enough for me to photograph  them


sage said...


RG said...

Roll up your pant legs and stroll through that lovely field of thistles! I dare you!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I love the pretty views and field of thistle. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I like viper's bugloss, having found in flowering on the Lincolnshire coast last October

Lowcarb team member said...

I found this very interesting because I looked up more detail about Arthur's Seat on Wiki.

"Arthur's Seat is the largest of the three parts of the Arthur's Seat Volcano, a site of special scientific interest, which is designated to protect its important geology, grassland habitats and uncommon plant and animal species"

This is why I love reading a variety of blogs you learn something, or read something every day which you may not have thought of, or known about.

Lovely photo's too. Thank you.

All the best Jan