Monday 2 May 2011

Birds along the Water of Leith

I wandered along the Water of Leith again today, lovely as ever. There were lots of birds around. I particularly noticed:

a bullfinch sitting in an elm tree, eating the flowers so messily that I (standing underneath to get a good view) was showered in bits and pieces!

two robins hopping from stone to stone in the river, flying up to catch flies and then flying into a tree (as flycatchers become rarer, I've seen more and more species of birds doing this)

a grey wagtail (normally very strictly a river bird) flying up into the trees and then onto a telephone wire above the road

a dipper collecting leaves and washing them in the river

I'm predicting the swifts to return to our area of Edinburgh on Wednesday, but as migrants seem to have been returning early all across the country this year, I'm already keeping my eyes out! Which migrants are you keeping your eyes out for?


none said...

That first observation sounds like poetry material to me! :)

bunnits said...

It does sound like poetry.

One thing that has been good about not having power for four days is that we have really been able to hear all the birds during the day and the crickets and other insects at night.

Glo said...

How lovely to wander amidst the sights and sounds of spring and its birdsong, even if you do have to be aware of what you are standing under ;)

Draffin Bears said...

What a beautiful walk you must have had and love the thought of hearing and seeing all the birds out and about.
Your new header photo is lovely.

Happy week

RG said...

Waxwings ...

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a Robin :) The bullfinch line is rather poetric as Jade has pointed out.