Wednesday 25 May 2011


As many readers of this blog know, we do try to grow some of our own food. We have access to a garden at the back of our building. Unfortunately this isn't ideal - partly because only a small area of it gets any sun and partly because recently when we have planted in the 'shared' area (which is the bit that does get sun), our plants have been dug up or removed. At the same time our flat faces north east and so doesn't get a huge amount of sun. However, I recently planted some coriander seeds that I had received as a gift - it's already growing rapidly, the shoots appeared almost immediately, I'll need to thin it out and repot soon! I also repotted some basil plants (that I had bought so we could have fresh basil when my parents visited) - the original pot was tiny and didn't give enough room for all the plants. The replanted basil is leaning slightly oddly at the moment, but we have several plants in three pots so hopefully some of them will survive. My usual problem with basil is that I harvest it too rapidly. the lack of sunshine doesn't help! We're hoping to also get a tomato plant from Crafty Green Boyfriend's parents. Just imagine fresh tomato and basil salad!

More and more people in the UK are growing some of their own food these days, which is great! There's a very appealing infographic over on Love the Garden which shows this recent growth (no pun intended!) of grow your own! You can see it here.


Anonymous said...

Every year, I like to plant pots of herbs. Last summer I had Vietnamese coriander which was absolutely fantastic - very peppery.
It's a shame that your outside plants have been dug up or taken out, Juliet. Your window garden does look lovely though.


Jade said...

I have been buying potted herbs for Mr. Mick to nibble when he's out and about. My husband has planted some basil in his little garden for Mick as well. I plan on planting clover in the little pots once Mick's eaten all the herbs.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I find that here in North Yorkshire basil will not grow well outside but does marvellously on our kitchen windowcill. Have you tried pasta with roasted pine nuts and basil?

Anonymous said...

Your plants look very healthy. I grow herbs in my kitchen window in the winter, and we don't have a lot of light. Sometimes, though, I do move them to another window in the afternoon.

Draffin Bears said...

H Juliet,

Isn't it fun to grow your own plants and be able to pick fresh basil, and herbs to eat. Your window garden is lovely.
I hope your tomatoes do better than ours, we got one tomato that fell off when it was green and tried to ripen it on the windowsill.

Happy week

RG said...

We have to have night-time temps regularly above 50 degree F in order for basil to grow outside. We usually do well, also with cherry tomatoes. BL makes a killer veggie sandwich with that stuff!

Yum on the planned salad!

We have many community gardens around where you can rent a space, store your stuff, and garden to your hearts content. The things they grow in them - wow!

Anonymous said...

It's great fun growing your own food (but there are always problems that need solving - which is good for the brain too - haha). Best of luck with the tomatoes and basil.

bunnits said...

Great looking basil--and will be looking forward to a progress photo of that coriander.

We have so much shade in the back that we haven't much luck except for growing tomatoes in large pots. The herbs do well in the front and the buns get tasty treats, but the space is limited.

Pomona said...

You could try mixed salad leaves in a tray type container or window box - harvest them young as mini leaves - or even plant peas, and harvest the very young shoots. Apparently such micro salads are the latest thing in the most expensive restaurants!

Pomona x

Carver said...

I love your pots in the window. I used to grow most of my vegetables. It was a huge production and I have a greenhouse and boxes which can be covered to start plants early. Unfortunately I haven't had the energy for the past few years. The funny thing though, after 33 years of growing my own vegetables and herbs (27 in this house), I still have some come back from seeds which dropped off old ones. I have a lot of perennial herbs but what I mean is I also have tomato plants and kale and a few others that pop up from past years. It's fun to check around for volunteers.