Tuesday 31 May 2011

Poetry Inspired by Art

Jinksy and I recently started a collaboration, where we send each other photos of artworks we've made and in return write something inspired by each other's art. You can read the latest poem I wrote inspired by Jinksy's artwork here.

Jinksy in turn wrote a poem inspired by the above collage, which I originally posted way back for Inspire Me Thursday. I made the collage when I was a teenager and asked other Inspire Me Thursday participants what I could do with it. Their answers are still below in the comments section! And now, Jinksy's lively poem:

Whirling of petticoats,
flashing of eyes,
as couples gyrate.
See? Girls with their guys
flaunting bright cummerbunds-
colours galore
on softly draped neckerchiefs.
None can ignore
the traditional folk tunes
whose rhythmical beat
encourages dancers
to stamp their feet!


carla said...

I think it's adorable! It has a very folk-art feeling to it. You could make it into a decorative pillow, and just be careful where you place it... maybe give those beads some extra stiches so they stay put!

Anonymous said...

How about a wall hanging or banner?
It seems awfully joyful in sentiment.

shannonjyl said...

what about a "please dont use me pillow"...that never works out does it :)
its really wonderful!

primdollie said...

I love it and think a wall hanging would be great or why not a pillow just set it as a display rather than to be used??!!! I think it needs to be shown off!!! it's great!! Hugs Linda

Ro Bruhn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my rug. You should definitely take yours out of hiding, maybe use it as a throw rug for the back of a chair or a wall hanging

Anonymous said...

How cool! You obviously kept it for a good reason. I like the idea of a pillow on the bed that is ornamental. Very cute ; )

Unknown said...

I agree with pillow or wall hanging. It is too cute to keep hidden away.

erin said...

I came to look at your fibs, which are spicy and tasty-soundingm and then I saw this wonderful collage -- I think it would be a cool wall hanging. And it does merit being hung up and admired, btw.


Leah said...

this is adorable!! it reminds me of kitchens for some reason.

i have this decorative potholder that i don't use for practical purposes and instead it just hangs from a hook in my kitchen looking all pretty. perhaps your piece could become something decorative to decorate your kitchen?

Lynda Lehmann said...

The words go perfectly with your creation. A handsome collaboration.

It's nice that you and your friend are sharing and celebrating your mutual creativity!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Juliet,

I love that the poetry is inspired by Art...this is fabulous and what beautiful work from you both.
A cushion (on your bed) or wall hanger would be great.

Hope that you are enjoying your week

HKatz said...

I like this poem - the playfulness, rhythm, and clever rhymes.

Great idea to inspire each other to write more and write interesting things.

Caroline Gill said...

Terrific! I love ekphrastic ideas!