Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Global Blogging Buddies

I'm so delighted that Selma in the City awarded me this, which must be the cutest blogging award there is. It's the Best Blogging Buddies Award for Global Communities and so I will pass it on to some bloggers across the world, with thanks for making this blogging thing so international:

Na at Shadows and Clouds (Italy)
Polona at Crows and Daisies (Slovenia)
Paul at Gingatao (Australia)
Clare at Clare's Sunflower Sky (USA)
Rethabile at Poefrika (France)


shadows and clouds said...

thank you sooo much, that's so nice of you! isn't blogging a marvellous thing?? when i think of all the lovely people i've come into contact with that otherwise i'd never have got the chance to meet!

i'm all happy now! thanks a lot!
have a good day :)

Rethabile said...

Magnificent award. I appreciate this very much, and agree with you that it must be the cutest blogging award around. I'll try to extend the honour.

Enigma said...

..i see we are into similar things..I will have a good look around your blog when i have a bit more time.congrads on your cool awarad.

cheers dears

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thankyou, I am honoured to be included in such esteemed company. Thankyou.

polona said...

oh! that was very sweet, thank you so much :)

(funny... the word verification says: jwork)