Thursday 15 August 2019

Stop Look Breathe Create by Wendy Ann Greenhalgh

Stop Look Breathe Create

I came across this book when I was halfway through facilitating a recent 'how to start a nature journal' class. It proved to be very inspiring for both me and for those who came along to the class.

Billed as 'four easy steps to mindfulness through creativity' this book takes the reader through exercises and ideas on how to develop a creative, mindful approach to drawing, photography and writing. It focuses on finding inspiration in nature but also in the human created world around us.

Beautifully illustrated, the chapters look at topics such as colour, the sky, patterns and textures and 'the beauty in the broken'. The exercises in each chapter help the reader to bring creativity into their daily lives while also developing a mindful attitude. An ideal approach for anyone wanting to write a regular nature journal. For those who are cynical about too much self conscious mindfulness the exercises are still very interesting and useful.

It's a beautiful book and one that is almost guaranteed to get you out and about and producing creative responses to your experiences.

Wendy Ann also has an interesting website that includes e-courses on the art of mindfulness

Stop Look Breathe Create by Wendy Ann Greenhalgh published by Ilex Press (2017).

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Maybe one for me?

morning at the lake
I think about living
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