Tuesday 20 August 2019

Lovely weather for hoverflies!

I'm leading some guided nature walks round Saughton Park on the open day on 31 August

and as the last time I did this was before the park's wonderful transformation I thought I would visit and plan a route to make the best of the transformed space.

I know that the route will start at the gate near this bridge

as this is where the otter is often seen. I'm them going to take the group around the perimeter of the park as it follows the Water of Leith, as this is the wildest part of the park. Then to cut into the walled garden to visit the Physic Garden,

 which is full of medicinal herbs, many of which attract pollinators, such as this Syrphus hoverfly in the Evening Primrose

and then my plan fell apart and I decided that after the Physic Garden we'll go where we feel like going on the day. There are so many options!

The perimeter of the sports ground is planted with wild flowers

which at the moment are dancing with hoverflies, including more Myathropa florea than I've ever seen in one place before. (I just found out that this hoverfly is sometimes called the Batman hoverfly).

Back inside the more formal part of the park, there are signs of approaching autumn everywhere

and loads more hoverflies, including this peid hoverfly (Scaevea pyrastri)

The colours are glorious at the moment

and the plants starting to seed are beautiful too

It's a beautiful park and well worth a visit. There will be lots happening on the 31st, so if you're in Edinburgh do try to come along! There will be guided walks (nature walks lead by me, plus history walks and horticultural walks), a gardener's question time, live music from local bands, a teddy bear hunt for the children, play activities throughout the park, a raffle, plus of course tea, coffee and cake. If you bring along your own mug then you get a discount on hot drinks.

The event is free and the public will be able to access all areas of the park during the event.


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Jenn Jilks said...

What a wonderful thing to do!
Yes, Autumn approacheth!

almtsbb said...

Really wish I could be in Edinburgh on the 31st. Looks like it will be a fantastic walk. Great pictures.

RG said...

Well enjoy the walk and talk!! It is a pretty time - so much harvesting going on here now ...

betty-NZ said...

Fabulous colors and pretty flowers! It's always good to find so much th share when you are out and about :)

My Corner of the World

Rambling Woods said...

My grandson loves watching the hoverflies and they land on him too...Michelle