Saturday, 2 March 2019

Move On Wood Recycling

Yesterday I visited Move On Wood Recycling, in Granton on the invitation of Cathy, a fellow volunteer at Water of Leith Conservation Trust who also volunteers at Move ON.

Before I went there though I took the opportunity to drop some old video tapes in to People Know How at Crewe Toll (on the way to Move On)  as they have just launched an initiative to use old VHS videos to make furniture and other items. You can read about this here. I had originally thought I might be able to use some old video tapes in crafty ways but it wasn't to be so I was glad to find somewhere local to take them.

I then walked all the way to Granton Waterfront as I was early for my meeting at Move On.

The Move On office is in a small industrial estate and you can't miss it because of the lovely signage they've made from upcycled wood

Inside the place is stocked with loads of wood

Much of this is picked up from businesses

and then sold on to other people who can use it. The project also makes a wonderful range of upcycled wood products including tables

shelf units

 bird boxes

candle holders and pencil stands

and this wonderful unit decorated with piano keys

the rest of the piano (which was damaged beyond playing) is being converted into a seat, which will have a keyboard decorated cushion made for it.

 Edited to add - you can see the completed piano seaton the Move On Facebook page here.

Many of the products are for sale in the Move On office. You can find out more here.
Move On offers plenty of opportunities for volunteers, who can become involved in any aspect of the business. The organisation also offers  an eight week employability course for young people aged 16-21 years old who are interested in gaining skills and qualifications in a wood workshop.

After a cup of tea, Cathy and I walked over to Silverknowes Park where she showed me the willow arches that local volunteers have made

the willow catkins are already bursting

An insect conservation organisation has helped local people to plant flowers that are good for pollinators including these speedwells

Cathy also showed me a mysterious little shrine that has been built by a local man, which is very pretty but a little odd, especially as trees seem to have been chopped back around the shrine. 


RG said...

Some great ideas for reusing wood. I (and so many of my friends) have many years of wood scraps and project left-overs stacked and stored just waiting for that perfect need! I don't think we have such a place around here.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I like businesses like that!

Jenn Jilks said...

This is a wonderful place. Good celebration of recycling.

Catherine said...

Hi Crafty Green Poet, thank you so much for writing about Move On Wood Recycling, great that other people are finding out about this project and hoping will come and visit. You are of course welcome to visit anytime and bring anyone else down. Also I will keep you posted on any developments here or at Silverknowes Park.