Wednesday 27 February 2019

windfall plums - 24 haiku by Robert Alcock

I first discovered Robert Alcock's haiku when he read some at a recent open mic event at the Forest cafe, during the time when I was 'Poet Laureate of the Free Shop'.The Forest is a noisy venue to read haiku, but I was very impressed by Robert's work and bought a copy of his tiny booklet of haiku.

He's definitely someone who knows how haiku work and there are some lovely examples in this booklet, including:

sunny morning:
they jay's conversation 
way over my head

Robert doesn't seem to have a website so you probably need to catch him reading at an event to be able to get a copy of the booklet, but it's well worth buying if you can.

windfall plums, 24 haiku by Robert Alcock, self published. 

There's an essay about writing haiku by Robert Alcock here

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