Tuesday 5 February 2019

A Trick I Learned from Dead Men by Kitty Aldridge

 A Trick I Learned from Dead Men

Lee Hart and his deaf brother Ned are left alone when their father disappears and their mother dies. Things start to turn around when Lee gets an apprenticeship at the local funeral parlour and falls for a beautiful florist.

Lee has a very close relationship with nature, particularly a carrion crow that he considers a friend:

'Crow sits on the telegraph pole by the old post office. He waits there like a chess piece. Crow thinks he's an eagle, you would at those heights. He steps off, casual, skateboarding, wheels, lands on a No Parking sign.'

It's a  moving story, of lovel, loss and family with engaging characters and a nice sense of humour to balance out the sadness.

A Trick I learned from Dead Men by Kitty Aldridge published by Vintage Books.

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