Saturday 16 March 2019

Redwings and Willow Catkins in the Snow

It's been snowing all morning! Crafty Green Boyfriend and I braved the slush and mud along the Water of Leith Walkway up to Saughton Park.

Saughton is an old British word (from the Brythonic I think rather than Gaelic) that means willow and the pussy willows just outside the park were looking beautiful today

We were delighted to see inside the park that a flock of redwings and starlings had taken up residence on the football pitch, flying between the grass and the trees. Crafty Green Boyfriend managed to get these photos of some of the birds

The redwings will soon be returning to Scandanavia to breed. 

The snow has now turned to sleet and we're drinking coffee to warm ourselves up!


Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful photos of the Redwings.

Caroline Gill said...

So glad the snowy day brought you the joy of Redwings, CGP. I have only seen one small flock this winter. I think I also had a very brief sighting of a Waxwing flock a couple of weeks ago, but the light was poor and the birds didn't hang around for long. No snow here, just gust after gust of gale!

RG said...

Well we here in the vast Pacific NW finally have sun and warm (60 F) so fingers crossed!

sage said...

sometimes it's good to be outside in such weather! Great photos.