Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Defined by Seas I Never Knew

I dreamt an ocean swell
descended silently from the sky
forcing me to crouch then lie
flat on the ground, staring up
into the heart of a watery hell.

Sleepless in my desert bed
I remember stories I have read
of how my homeland slowly
disappeared beneath the tides
under which it still now hides.

The world, of course, rushed to save
our grandparents from the waves
and brought them here -
a sun-parched desolate expanse
where long ago, another people danced.

Our shamans walk the song-lines
but, coastal dwellers still at heart,
we cannot understand the signs
carved in this arid landscape
our thirsty souls long to escape.

At night sometimes I make a wish
and try to touch the parallel world
where another me
swims with multicoloured fish
round a coral atoll in turquoise seas. 

Previously published by Indigo Dreams Publishing 

and over on my Shapeshifting Green blog, I've just posted another poem with certain similarities to this one, you can read it here.  


eileeninmd said...

Hello, wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing!

Enjoy your day and week ahead!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I dreamt I had an enormous cockroach living in a burrow in my hand and I couldn't get it out

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks Eileen!

That sounds like an unpleasant dream Simon!