Saturday 31 August 2013

Berry picking

We had a lovely time today picking blackberries and raspberries on Wester Craiglockart Hill. On our visit there last week we had notice the cast number of bramble bushes and today we decided to go back with our bags and tubs and do some collecting! We collected a lot of blackberries and quite a few raspberries, most of which Crafty Green Boyfriend's Mum will make into jam.

Here are some of my thoughts about foraging berries:

a) leave enough for other foragers and the wildlife too
b) be careful of the brambles and the other plants, often raspberries and blackberries grow near stinging nettles and gorse (which can scratch quiet badly just as brambles themselves can). Good idea to wear long sleeves and hardwearing fabrics
c) don't pick by the side of roads because of the fumes and particulates from car exhausts
d) don't pick from plants right next to the pathway if they're under the height of a dog
e) while foraging take time to enjoy the nature all around you.

Today it was quite breezy and at times the air was full of thistledown and the seeds of willowherbs. The gorse pods were audibly popping as they split to release their seeds. Robins were singing their wistful autumnal song all around us.

Plus, I saw my first small copper butterfly of the year! This is such a lovely butterfly, tiny and beautifully patterned with a gorgeous rich orange colour. They're quite common on the hills of Edinburgh, so I'm surprised this was my first of the year. This photo is a close up that I then severly cropped so you can see the detail, which may make the butterfly seem much bigger than it is.


eileeninmd said...

Sounds like fun picking the berries and then having some yummy jam! The butterfly is beautiful, lovely sighting. Have a happy day!

TexWisGirl said...

under the height of a dog - wise words. :)

Little Miss Titch said...

Sounds Like you had a fun time,xx Rachel

Ms Sparrow said...

I love reading all the interesting place names of your area!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. I've never seen wild berries - but I have just planted a mulberry grove of 4 bushes which are already fruiting (I think they only grow in Australia - not sure - most berries find it too hot where I live, but not the mulberry).

EG CameraGirl said...

The copper butterfly is a beauty. Lucky you to have the fun of picking berries but another person to make them into jam. Sounds pretty perfect to me. :))

aspiritofsimplicity said...

great tips to share. I especially like the one about the dog...eewww. That butterfly is beautiful. Nice capture.

RG said...

Wash 'em. Eat plenty! What a butterfly! Mulberry grew in Michigan where I was a kid. We used to sit under a big mulberry tree and eat until we got sick almost!