Monday 25 April 2011

spring haiku

bluebells haze
under the beeches


shoreacres said...

I only this year learned what bluebells are. They've not been around in the places I've lived, though we have bluebonnets in Texas which are lovely, and Iowa was awash in blue lilacs.

Your haiku's as delicate and sweet as the flowers. I wrote one during the aftermath of the tsunami which I really liked, but it's disappeared.
Poetry 101: Always put your poetry where you can find it!

Anonymous said...

This one is very nice.

Magyar said...

__Ahhhh... that -bluebell's haze- clears to hear the birdsong.

Bluebells haze, under the beeches.

Under the beeches, birdsong.

In my mind... fine form! _m

Daisy Hickman said...

Love it, Juliet. Hiaku is such a wonderful art form. And you are a gifted poet.

bunnits said...

I always enjoy your haiku.

Caroline Gill said...

A beautiful evocation of this time of year, Juliet. (Though I feel everything is about 3 weeks ahead of itself ... much of our blossom has already drifted away).