Thursday 28 January 2010

Information Officer Support Blog

Nothing to do with anything crafty, green or poetical but:

This is a new blog I'm co-authoring through my job. I'm a member of the Information Officer Support Group which is a network of people working in information, communications and marketing in central Scotland. The blog is intended as a place to share ideas and resources. We have forthcoming articles planned on how to search the hidden internet and how to evaluate information work. If you're involved in that area of work you may want to follow the blog and join in the discussions:


Martin said...


Have left a comment on the new blog. Good luck with that. I'll be dropping in from time to time.

RG said...

I'm not, but certainly interested in alternative ways to dig info out of the internet!

Will you keep that link handy there?

Rambling Woods said...

I will head over and look even though I am not in that kind of work... Every time I see the word Scotland, it makes me smile.... Michelle