Monday, 26 October 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I was delighted to receive the Honest Scrap Award from Oh. I now have to share ten things you don't know about me. I thought I would keep it to the scrap theme and some of these you probably know, so here we go, but only six:

I love using cuttings from magazines in collage but I don't make scrapbooks
I sometimes repair old clothes with scraps of contrasting fabric
I love using scraps of fabric in crafts but I've never made a quilt
I use scrap paper for making notes - even in business meetings!
I make myself a diary/journal every year from scrap paper and card
I make greetings cards and bookmarks out of scraps

I'm to pass this on to ten other bloggers, again I'm keeping this on topic, plus as i only share six facts here are six bloggers who know what to do with scraps:

Weaver of Grass for her 'bundle'
and a special mention to Diana at Qi Papers for her use of scrap cardboard in making hay tubes, an idea that is rapidly catching on across the bunny blogosphere.

And finally, if you're looking for ideas for environmentally friendly art, you might enjoy Inspire Me Thursday's Blog Action Day post -


angela recada said...

Hello again, dear Juliet!

Thank you so much for this wonderful award. I'm truly honored!

I love your list of things we didn't know about you. And I look forward to visiting the other blogs you mentioned.

d. moll, said...

Ha, ha rabbits love to recycle, chairs turn into chew sticks and my apple is suddenly recycled into their apple! Thanks for the award CGP!

Cathy said...

congratulations! love all your creative scrap ideas. :)

Forthvalley scribe said...

so many interesting things---

Julie said...

Congratulations on a well deserved award. I love the list, especially repairing old clothes with scraps of contrasting fabric. It's a great way to recycle but also very creative. Someone I know made a beautiful skirt out of old neckties. The colors are fantastic. said...

thanks for mentioning the QiPapers. I came across that blog a long time ago but never remembered the name & lost track of it! Now I can follow her blog ! Thank you so much for sharing.

poefusion said...

Hello Crafty~

Congrats on your blog award. I love your list of scraps. I've used a few of these methods myself. Have a great day.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thank you for that Juliet! I shall now think of six things to do with scraps!

Reader Wil said...

The only scraps I used, were used for my scrap books with photos, tickets, napkins, anything we got on our holidays.
Thanks for your visit and comment on my nursery rhymes. Tomorrow something about the origines of the nursery rhymes.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Top marks for your scrap list, specially like the patching and diary ideas!

I use scrap paper as much as possible and supply Art Space (co-op gallery of which I'm a member) with scrap for jotting.

And address labels make it possible to use unwanted business 'return' envelopes for other postal purposes, too. BFN. Lesley

Mary-Laure said...

Congrats, Crafty Green Poet!
I'm a big fan of scrap paper too, because I HATE wasting paper.

Deb G said...

Okay, I'm shocked that you've never made a quilt. :) Thank you Juliet!

Sam said...

You sound very imaginative! I'd love to see some of those scrapping creations!! :)

Titus said...

Congratulations Poet!
And the link to the scrap art will come in very useful, as that's what we do with all our packaging here. It is a land of shoe box caves, toilet roll dragons and pizza base suns!

Mistlethrush said...

I have to say you have an eye for deatil when making your cards from scrap. I still have the ones you sent me - lovely images.