Tuesday 31 May 2022

Drawing a Cactus for International Nature Journaling Day

 I've signed up for International Nature Journaling Day! As a warm up exercise, their website suggested drawing a cactus, so here is my attempt at sketching our cactus. 

It's very faint, but hopefully you can make it out! 

Here is our cactus in real life from more or less the same angle

The prickles were the hardest part of the plant to sketch (in fact, I didn't even try, though oddly enough, Crafty Green Boyfriend's first comment was how impressed he was with how I'd managed to capture the prickles in part of my sketch). 

International Nature Journaling Week starts tomorrow and you can find out more here

If you're in the UK, 30 Days Wild also starts tomorrow and you can find out more about that here.

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Caroline Gill said...

I agree with CG Boyfriend; the spines work really well on your cactus! Thank you for the tip-offs; I like the idea of nature journaling. Can it really be June tomorrow?