Sunday 6 June 2021

Watching insects for 30 Days Wild

 Insects are fascinating as well as vital elements of the ecosystem! Many insects are food for birds, mammals and spiders. many are also beautiful or interesting to watch. 

This is a click beetle (Athous haemorrhoidalis) which I found in North Merchiston Cemetery. These beetles make an audible click if you disturb them! 

And this is a species of mayfly which I photographed in Saughton Park. Mayflies are river flies, which are emerging at the moment in large numbers, including from the Water of Leith, which runs through Saughton Park. 

What insects have you been seeing recently? 

For 30 Days Wild.


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RG said...

Dragonflies "dragonflying" !!!

eileeninmd said...


Great captures of the insects. We are seeing thousands of cicadas, they are so loud.
Take care, have a happy day and a great week ahead.