Saturday 19 June 2021

Cygnets in the Rain

We set off this morning to walk to Edinburgh's  Botanic Gardens, after booking our free tickets online (which is what you need to do in these pandemic times). We thought there might be a light shower, but instead found ourselves in the middle of a downpour while walking through Inverleith Park. The adult swans seemed to be happy enough, but the cygnets looked very bedraggled! 

Luckily there's an amazing exhibition on at the Botanics at the moment which we browsed until the rain stopped. 

Tomorrow, I'll  share photos of the beautiful azaleas and rhododendrons that are still in bloom in the Botanics. 

Enjoying nature in the rain for 30 Days Wild.


Lowcarb team member said...

It seems for most things these days you need to book online!
Nice to see the swans and cygnets.

I look forward to seeing the beautiful azaleas and rhododendrons ...

All the best Jan

Maya Rajesh said...

The cygnets look beautiful in the pictures! Rhododendrons here bloom earlier in the year so it's lovely that they're still in bloom!