Friday 14 June 2019

From Holey Socks to Fingerless Gloves

It's June but we've been having some unseasonably cold and wet weather, so I was looking for my fingerless gloves the other day but realised that I'd probably left them somewhere. So I thought I'd make another pair. I picked up one of the pairs of holey socks sitting in a pile waiting to be mended or repurposed.

I cut off the foot part and then cut out holes for the thumbs. I then sewed round the thumb holes and the top of the gloves with a nice bright embroidery thread and there's a nice pair of fingerless gloves. They're not quite identical but that's fine.

Ironically today looks as though it's going to be warm and sunny so I won't be wearing these gloves today! I'm sure I'll find plenty of opportunity to do so though!

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Sandy said...

Thanks for a neat idea I can use.