Tuesday 16 March 2010

thiscollection showcase event

thiscollection is a poetic and cinematic exploration of Edinburgh. I am delighted to have a poem included, though it hasn't yet been made into a film. You can read the poems at: http://thiscollection.wordpress.com/ (mine is about Gorgie City Farm and features Driftwood, one of my favourite bunnies) and you see some of the films at: http://www.youtube.com/user/filmthiscollection.

There is to be a free showcase event at the MacEwan Hall in Edinburgh on 25 and 26 March. Thusday 25th will see an all-day film extravaganza from 10am-5pm with films projected on several screens and a free press table where visitors can gather more information about the artists and the project as a whole. On Friday 26th starting from 7pm, there will be live sets from poets and screenings of the films.

I will be reading on the Friday evening, though I am slightly sad that Driftwood won't be able to accompany me as bunnies seem to be banned from MacEwan Hall!


RG said...

Great to see Driftwood there in the poem! I did not know where the name came from.

(Now - to whom must we write about this arcane entrance policy at this Hall???)

Claire A said...

Thanks for giving us a mention! :D

Bill said...

Humph! In that case, my guinea pig and I will stay home.

Gillena Cox said...

All the best on Friday at your reading; thanks for sharing all the hyperlinks

much love

Rambling Woods said...

How nice of you to sponsor the bunny. I guess I sort of do by putting out bunny food here in the yard....Michelle