Thursday 18 March 2010


My parents' garden is wilder now
and the birds that visit more unusual

but the fields down the road
have grown houses

and a sad bulrushed pond
to compensate.

Cars drive past
ever faster

despite the new 'pollution busting'
Park and Ride

that concreted over
what was once a field.


casa da poesia said...

Yeah!!!...set the captives free!!!...and for you..."should auld acquaintance be forgot,and never brought to min'?"...????????

angela recada said...

Lovely words about a sad state of affairs. I'm glad the birds still have your parents' garden to visit. It's lovely that they've let it go wilder for the little displaced creatures to enjoy.

Kay said...

I hate that encroaching suburbia is an international trend. How sad. When I moved to our little acre 27 years was very rural. Now it takes me 10 minutes to get out of my driveway. And the newbies are not friendly..They think they have all the rights...I don't understand it. The good news is the wildlife comes to my property since I leave big brush piles and overgrown grasses and trees for them!

Gillena Cox said...

beautiful write my favourite lines
"but the fields down the road
have grown houses"

much love

P. M. Doolan said...

Your poem pinpoints an international problem. It is hard to believe yet true, that here in picture postcard Switzerland nearly 1 metre (0.9 metres) of land is disappearing under construction, mainly of houses, EVERY SECOND! The fields are growing houses.

Rachel Fox said...

They paved paradise...


Lisa said...

I grew up in suburbia, where the average property size is 1/4 acre. I always despised it for being blase - neither city, nor country, with none of the benefits of either and all the drawbacks of both, and the community seemed to lack distinction and personality as much as the atmosphere. Though my family is very tight-knit, I couldn't wait to get out someday. I dreamed of the days the older people would talk about, when there were fields where children could play, and nature and wildlife for stretches between the homes, not just every several miles contained in public parks.

Bill said...

A gem of emotion restrained but not dinied.

libbyquilter said...

yes, it so sad; fields growing houses . . .

as usual you have said it so well.