Saturday 6 February 2010

Simple Things

This weekend, Chris at Enchanted Oak is celebrating the simple pleasures of life. For each person who participates with a list, a poem, or a prose piece about the joy of simple things, her family will donate $2.00 to a charity in Haiti, for their medical clinic and other programs. So here is a short list of some of my simple pleasures in life:

Feeding the birds (Crafty Green Boyfriend took this photo of a great tit in my hand, yesterday in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh)

Reading a good book
Walking - especially along a river, in the woods or on a beach
Listening to music
If you want to join in, please pop over to Enchanted Oak!


Enchanted Oak said...

Oh, Juliet, the photo is priceless! I marvel at the bird in your hand. For that in itself, I am grateful. Thank you for participating in my simple joys today.

Brian Miller said...

love that list...dancing, reading..walking, music...we could be the same person. lol. thanks for joining in!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

there are things so wild
that only poets hold them—
for but an instant

Captain Shagrat said...

One of my goals/simple joys would be to do just that.. have a wild bird eat seed from my hand. Lucky you Crafty.

Christina said...

We certainly will participate. What a great idea.

Sarah said...

Wow I can't believe that bird! So tame. Lucky you having it sit in your hand like that! I like your list-all good things!

Anonymous said...

I love your list and I agree withe the first comment. That is a priceless photo.


The Bunns said...

Seeing those bunnies at Gorgie Farm? Huh? Huh???

文章 said...
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