Tuesday 16 February 2010

More Snowdrops

seen yesterday along the Water of Leith.


Rachel Green said...

I've not seen any yet!

Golden West said...

The freesias and daffodils are in bloom here, soon to be followed by Dutch irises (if the gophers can be deterred)!

Bill said...

Everything still snow-covered around here but your snowdrops are a treat.

Regina said...

Oh, they are beautiful!

Titus said...

Ours are not as advanced as yours in the East, which surprises me. Lovely shot.

RG said...

Can't get enough of them - they don't last long here.

Nat Hall said...

Wonderful shot, Juliet :)
so inspiring!

Gillena Cox said...

enjoyed these too; thanks for sharing

much love

Caroline Gill said...

So serene,
so pristine,
sheer beauty

happily retired gal said...

How lovely and delicate ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

squirrelmama said...

These are typically the first signs of spring here in the northeastern U.S.
However, I am sorry to say we still have many weeks to go, and more snow to shovel...

Anonymous said...
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Tim Young said...

snow drops
White heads
look to the grown
bowed down by heavy winter.
Yet soon daffodils
look to the sky
heralding spring.
The start of new life.

TY 21/02/10 (Instant poem)

Carin said...

Your snowdrops are flowering more abundantly than mine! Weather in Scotland must have been better than in Holland!