Sunday, 13 July 2008

Crowded with Nature

The lower slopes of the hill in every direction are full of flowers and greenery, lush after all the recent rain.

buzzing with bees -
rosebay willow herb
pink meadow

Oak trees rise from their undergrowth, the ends of their branches heavy with numerous new acorns. A shield bug like a jewel sits on the end of one branch.

Further up the hill, the woodland takes over, branches meeting overhead, the light green and quiet beneath the myriad leaves. A squirrel runs along a wall, a rabbit jumps through a fence. The air is alive with insects and birdsong.

A song thrush sings -
invisible blackcaps

Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh
Crowded for Weekend Wordsmith

You can see some of my photos of Corstorphine Hill in earlier posts here, here and here.


jem said...

I like the way your writing is crowded with detail which really conveys the crowding of nature. I feel pleasantly lost within the scene.

And thanks for reminding me of shield bugs, I remember first seeing one and identifying it - I love how suited to its name it is.

d. moll, said...

Lovely, makes one want to take off into the hills and dales with just a few essentials.

J.C. Montgomery said...

Your words make me wish I were there. I currently live in the high desert and although I love it here, there are times I truly miss seeing an expanse of lush greenery such as you describe.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

polona said...

now this is the kind of crowd i can enjoy :) great!

Michelle said...

Mmmm... reminds me of my lovely trip to Scotland a few years ago. I enjoyed reading this... over and over. It takes me away to the type of crowded place that embraces my soul.

I loved Edinburgh - so beautiful and rich with history and tradition.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place -- your words really get the color of it.

Mindful Mimi said...

Nice one green poet. I love nature too and find it amawing every day anew.

Anonymous said...

I felt like I was there.

Janice Thomson said...

Your Rosemary Willow Herb is called Fireweed here but the other name sounds much nicer :). Since I've never been to Scotland I really enjoy these tours you give us of the country - so different from ours yet so very beautiful too - thanks for that Juliet. The haiku are wonderful as always.

Anonymous said...

thank you that was delightful.. especially the links... there is nothing so delightful as listening to what nature has to offer...

White Rose said...

I love how this was written. It just transports you. I just want to lie back and enjoy the scenery.