Sunday 27 July 2008

Colinton Dell

The riverbanks profuse with flowers, the hot pink of rosebay willow herb, the bright white of umbellifers and the various yellows of too many species to count.

The umbellifers (wild carrot and cow parsley) alive with insects, the thin vivid red of soldier beetles, the rigid black of flies that move their wings to reveal lemon yellow bodies, the tiny irridescent black beetles that gather in groups.

A strange lack of birds, explained when we hear the call of a hunting sparrowhawk.

heat haze -
two dragonflies black
against the sky.

A walk along Colinton Dell


Scot said...

perfect image for the heat haze here too

d. moll, said...

Sounds like a lovely walk, unless you are a potential hawk snack, then take an alternate route.

polona said...

sounds like a perfect walk...
and this works wonderfully as a haibun.

Anonymous said...

NIce haibun.

RG said...

... did ya stik yur feet in the river????