Saturday, 5 July 2008

Migration of Frogs

light drizzle -
thousands of miniature toads
clamber through the grass.

We wandered round Arthur's Seat today and we saw thosands of tiny frogs and toads making their way away from Dunsapie Loch. This is apparently the second day that they have been coming out of the water to make their way to find swampy crevices to hide and grow up in. It was good to see that the Ranger Swervice had put up signs to warn people about the frogs and toads, had shut off traffic through the park and had covered up drains to prevent the young frogs and toads falling in them. Knowing that frog and toad species are in crisis across the world, it was particularly wonderful to see all these youngsters!

Frog Migration on Arthur's Seat (story on BBC website)
Year of the Frog (Amphibian Ark)


polona said...

oh, this is so nice... many people don't like toads but they are so important for the natural balance

Janice Thomson said...

I'd love to see that! Here frogs and toads have disappeared at an alarming rate.

d. moll, said...

My family was nuts about toads, we lived near a lake that dried up every year and at a certain time during the process it would be saturated with tiny toads. Many found new homes in our garden and my brothers always kept a toad or tow in their room.

Noah the Great said...


I was hearing bullfrogs all the time when I was in Canada.