Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Recycled Crafts

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh have just published their new programme of events, which includes loads of fun workshop activities for all ages, lots of them with a strong environmental message. The one that most appeals to me is Art-Tastic, where participants will join in making a climate change collage. They will also get to make a funky draught excluder from reused materials - and here's one I made years ago using fabric left over from some I bought as a table cloth when I was in Malawi and filled with old tights:


Poetess said...

These things are great. I have just asked my gran to knit one ofr me however I still need to fill it. Newpaper works well too as long as you know its not going to get wet.


Anonymous said...

Very craft-y! Nice colours too, I thought about knitting one but it might take me a while tho!

Janice Thomson said...

I use a rolled up old fleece blanket that when folded correctly fits perfectly across the door.
Going through the Gardens has certainly made me anxious to be planting my own garden :)

WH said...

I love to tinker with old stuff. This sounds positively fun (and mildly therapeutic:)

RG said...

Works great .. until rabbits!

Geraldine said...

I love draft-stoppers, especially when made out of recycled materials.

Years ago I published a craft book for children and adults, A Year of Crafts all based on the idea of using materials already around the house to make some new great items to enjoy. It was in retrospect a book ahead of it's time. I'm still proud of all the work I put into it and all the great feedback I received about it too.

Nice blog, I shall be back!