Friday, 7 March 2008

People Against Litter

People against Litter is an Edinburgh group encouraging people to pick up one piece of litter every week and to encourage their friends to pick up litter too! This is a great idea that has the potential to eventually make a real difference to the state of our streets and parks. Even if you don't live in Edinburgh, you can join in!

Of course the one real stumbling block is the perception of picking up litter as being unhygienic. On their website, People Against Litter claim that picking up litter is probably no more unhygienic than handling money that has passed through thousands of other people's hands before it gets to us. Also given the amount of litter in most places, it is easy to avoid the obviously unhygienic or dangerous litter in favour of picking up less dangerous bits!

Another way of combatting litter is to join an organised clean up. The Friends of the Forth organise beach clean ups in and around Edinburgh.

If you regularly pick up litter do you have any tips to share?


Janice Thomson said...

There are groups here that participate each year in picking up litter in both the parks, streets and the beaches. Sometimes it is done with the incarcerated and/or school children too.

Poetess said...

I think this is a fab idea.