Thursday 6 March 2008


I must be doing something right because now three bloggers have awarded me the Excellent Blog Award - Gautami, Rethabile and Clare! So thanks to all three and now I really do need to pass it on, I guess! There are so many Excellent blogs out there that it seems unfair to choose, but excellent blogs that fit in with the main themes of this blog include the following - why not go andvisit them?

Excellent blogs for haiku - Jem, Bill and Polona
Excellent blog for nature poetry - Mike
Excellent blog for environmentally aware crafts - Deb
Excellent blogs for nature photography - Sandy and Mark
Excellent (the only?) blog on Ecopoetics - James

(If I've given you an award, please don't feel that you are necessarily expected to pass it on! Just enjoy it!)


jem said...

Thanks for the award Juliet. I'm glad you enjoy my writing. Since I started posting my stuff online I've been thrilled at how so-called strangers have responded to my words. Its very inspiring and encouraging.
(Oscar speech now over!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Juliet, and I am glad that you and others enjoy my photos. I sure enjoy being out there making them.
Oh yes, the haiku does cover a bit of time!

WH said...

Congratulations, Juliet. Even though I am new here, I think you have one of the best poetry blogs around. I've linked you to mine if that's okay :)

Anonymous said...

wow, thrice excellent, and deserved! I am so bad I haven't passed any on yet....note to self to get busy.

Baba Doodlius said...

Howdy, first visit. So, you're a green poet? Cool, I'm a green bird, so we have something in common! I'll be back.

Deb G said...

Ahhh, thank you! And I also have to say you do deserve an Excellent Blog Award. Actually, I think Excellent Blogger. You are always so supportive!

Bill said...

I'm honored, Juliet. And getting to know people like you is one of the pleasures of blogging.

Penny Rabbit said...

Your blog is such an inspiration to me. Your words are always so beautiful!

Ha, I TAGGED you too! Check out my blog!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you know, comment box rules and so forth and this is really just a link sharing post so I thought I would leave a link to a poem by Scot Young which I know you will love Juliet, wtfwjd

polona said...

wow, thank you for the award. it is an honour and a responsibility :)