Monday 11 June 2007

How to Reduce Your Waste

We live in a very wasteful society, a society where many products are over packaged, where we are encouraged to buy more than we need. Business needs to change to become less wasteful but there are also things we can do ourselves. First we need to become more aware of how much rubbish we're producing and why. Today online at the Guardian newspaper, a columnist and a few readers look at their rubbish.


Jozee said...

One more good reason to make art from our packaging and other leftovers.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Rethabile said...

More than the packaging, people here (Occident) buy more food than they need. And despite refrigeration, a third of it still goes to waste. It's shameful.

In America, when I was a student there, we had food-fights in the refectory. Think of it: FOOD fights!

In Africa we have food fights, too, but there we fight over food, not with food. It's shameful, really.

AnaGF said...

Thank you for this post and the link to the Guardian article. It was really an interesting reading. I, too, am overwhelmed with the amount of waste produced each day. Even working at home (hence no paper cups or fast food packagings), having a vegetable garden, making compost and having a few farm animals and dogs that take care of all the organic waste, I find that our family produces a lot of non-recyclable waste. When I think of all the people that don't even recycle, that's pretty worrying.