Wednesday 27 June 2007

Crafts from Recycled Flip Flops

Elspeth Murray is a reasonably well known poet in Scotland, but she also has an interest in recycled crafts. Check out her website: to find out about a project that recycles flip flops washed up on Kenyan beaches to make a variety of craft items. It's old news by now in a way but interesting!


A Paperback Writer said...

Hello there.
You dropped a comment on my blog, so I thought I'd visit yours and see your name. I'll be dropping by the Scottish Poetry Library to say hello to all the gang there (I spent many, many hours there cataloging their Edwin Morgan archives in 2005). Is any of your poetry available there? I'd like to read some.
You left wishes on my blog for the rain to stop while I'm in Scotland. Don't worry: I used to live in Edinburgh; I'll be just fine. Besides, I live in a desert and right now it's hotter than Satan's backside. Rain sounds quite refreshing.
I think I'll link your blog to mine; this looks quite interesting.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Paperback writer - thanks for visiting. The Scottish Poetry Library don't have my poetry pamphlet any more as far as I know - they had it on sale for a while when it first came out. If you used to live in Edinburgh you will be used to the rain, but beleive me, there's not been rain like this for years. Edinburgh is usually relatively dry (I grew up in Manchester, England now there's a rainy city!).

abby - the geek girl said...

I love recycled materials... it's so interesting to me to have things that had a "past life"... the site you can actually buy the flip flops on though seems to be down. That's too bad. Thanks for sharing environmentally friendly links!! :)

Anonymous said...

Such an interesting program. That it provides work and income in a place where there's almost none, and cleans up the local beaches, is inspiring.

Small-scale, community-based programs like this, set up all over the world, could really better people's lives and their environment.

Thanks for highlighting this.

strauss said...

what a fabulous idea and flip flops are so brightly coloured too - ideal for all kids of neat things.

Crafty Green Poet said...

abzdragon - I love recycled things too! I hadn't noticed the sale site was done, that's a shame!

kg - yes it is inspiring isn't it! Projects that combine so many good aims are always the ones I feel have the most impact.

strauss - indeed!

Catherine said...

What a great collection of items. I'd be tempted, if they were for sale in New Zealand. Have you seen freeset jute bags? Another worthwhile project, though they are not recycled - still, jute is very ecologically responsible, I think.
It's raining here, too. I won't be in Edinburgh till September, so hopefully the weather will be better then.

Thinker said...

Interesting what words can do!Liked that story.

Giggles said...

Elspeth Murray, what an interesting her poetry and flip-flop recycle! I got lost in the labyrinth of her site. I especially love her poem funktionality
which was very funny!

Anonymous said...

Love the recycled flip flop stuff. I recycle plastic bags, video vhs and cassette tapes into crocheted bags. If anyone is interested, I have tutorials and free patterns which I love to share.

A website dedicated to recycling & crafting!

BM said...
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BM said...

Hey all! To all those who say the website it down. It's only because the project is now under the company Uniqueco Designs and not WWF.

Their website is:

For info, you can contact
tahreni(at) or julie(at)