Sunday 24 June 2007


This 'Stay in Touch' card is made from Marimekko designs cut from a catalogue and photos from a review in an old issue of the List magazine.

Connection for Inspire Me Thursday


Patricia J. Mosca said...

Isn't making a card just the BEST!
This is a piece that she will cherish forever!! And prompt her to stay in touch!! Puts hallmark to shame!!

Anonymous said...

reminded me of chatting on the phone with pals "back in the day"

House on the Vaal said...

This is a very striking piece. I love the bold colors and playful photos.

carole said...

Hope you don't mind being tagged. Pop over to my blog and see what to do.

Deb G said...

I love the combination of the photos and the color you used. Lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

This is graphically very strong. It's kind of retro and contemporary at the same time. You're inspiring me to do a bit of collage for fun... :)
I haven't done that in a long, long time.

Crafty Green Poet said...

pattie - thanks! I love making cards too!

Ascender - yes I guess its much more common these days for youngsters to text and I certainly email much more than phone these days.

landi - thanks, glad you think its striking.

Carole - thanks for thinking of me with the tag, but I'll have to pass. I've been tagged so iften recently and that tag or a similar one has come my way already a few times!

Deb - thanks!

kg - thanks! I love Marimekko designs because they do look retro and contemporary at the same time! Enjoy your collaging!