Wednesday 3 August 2022

The Hidden Corner of Old Calton Cemetery

 My work continues, surveying wildlife in the cemeteries managed by the City of Edinburgh Council. Yesterday, I visited the northern section of Old Calton Cemetery. The southern part of this cemetery is one of the well known, historical cemeteries in the centre of the city (you can read about my visit there in this post) while the northern section is hidden away, with the entrance being on a side street. The cemetery was cut into two when Waterloo Place was built - you can see the southern section across Waterloo Place in the photo below 

The two sections of the cemetery are very different. The southern section is full of decaying old monuments and mausoleums, while the northern section is much smaller. It has three lovely Lime (Linden) trees along the wall

and wonderful views across to Calton Hill with its follies and monuments 

There's a fairly good variety of grasses and flowering plants here, though not many insects and the only bird I saw was a woodpigeon!

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