Saturday 27 March 2021

Corstorphine Hill and a view into Edinburgh Zoo

 We had a lovely walk round Corstorphine Hill today. The weather was quite changeable, as it has been for a few days. The sky was quite moody at times

There are some lovely lichens and mosses on the hill, including this array on a fallen log

One of the things I love about Corstorphine HIll is that there is a whole range of paths around different parts of the hill, which are quite different in character. There are some interesting rock formations at the top of the hill 

Also at the top of the Hill is Edinburgh Zoo and you can get some great views of the zebras from outside the zoo fence. Crafty Green Boyfriend got some great photos of one of them today

The zoo's zebras are Grevy's zebras, which can be recognised by their large ears and narrower stripes. You can read more about the zoo's zebras here. Grevy's zebra is the most threatened of the zebra species and the People's trust for Endangered Species are fundraising to help restore grassland for Grevy's zebras in central Kenya. You can find out about this work and donate to the appeal here.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Such beautiful animals.