Sunday 20 September 2020

Squirrels and Sunshine at the Botanic Gardens

 Yesterday we had a lovely visit to Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. It was another sunny autumnal day and the gardens looked lovely. We were delighted to meet this grey squirrel who seemed happy to pose for the camera 

and this one who was too busy to even look at the camera

Despite autumn being here already, there are still plenty of hoverflies visiting the flowers

Eristalis sp 

Helophilus pendulus (footballer hoverfly) 

Syrphus sp and hawthorn shield bug 

The gardens have several rowan trees, of different species, which have different coloured berries 

The Botanics cafe is now open again, but only drinks and basic cold snacks for take away or outdoor eating. Currently, to allow for visitor numbers to be managed to allow for better social distancing, Edinburgh Botanic Gardens have an online advance booking system. We were able to book a time slot with just a couple of hours notice though, so you can still be fairly spontaneous! 

We also had a walk through Inverleith Park where the mute swans were resting by the pond 


Caroline Gill said...

One of the things I have missed most this summer, CGP, is colour, and the colour of flowers in particular, so it's lovely to see these botanic blooms. We are planning to plant some bulbs so that at least we can have some spring shades... and hopefully early insects will enjoy them, too.

Mike Perry said...

It's good to see gardens being opened again, hope this continues. Always nice to see squirrels, though they often pop into my garden and eat the food we put out for the birds. Good wishes.