Wednesday 9 September 2020

Latest Jewellery Projects

 I've made a couple of necklaces recently. The first I made after someone contacted me via my Crafty Green Poet Etsy shop, to say she liked one of my necklaces but could I make her one in black and silver, which I did, sharing progress with her every step of the way. This is the finished product

She then asked me to make a matching pair of earrings, again based on a design in my shop, which I did, again sharing progress with her every step of the way. 

I have to admit that I did have a slight concern that she might not actually buy these items after asking me to make them, but I needn't have worried, she ordered them immediately and left a lovely review in my Etsy shop once she'd bought them. 

I personally really like the black and silver colour scheme so I immediately made another necklace in that combination

and that one has already sold!


eileeninmd said...


Your jewelry is very pretty. Congrats on your sales!
Take care, enjoy your day!

RG said...

Very striking!

Somebody's looking good on Zoom!

Birgitta said...

Beautiful work!

Lowcarb team member said...

Your jewellery looks nice; pleased it sold well.

All the best Jan