Friday 3 April 2020

Who Lives here?

 The UK Government is, at the moment, allowing us out for one form of #DailyExercise once a day in addition to visiting the shops (as infrequently as possible), travelling to work (for those with essential jobs that can't be done from home) and medical emergencies including helping those who are self isolating.

Today we looked carefully inside this tree stump in one of the graveyards we visit on our #DailyExercise

If you look very carefully you may be able to see a hole at the back, that looks like the entrance to a burrow, who might live in there? Perhaps we'll find out sometime in the next few weeks as we continue #DailyExercise.

Here's a closer view inside the stump, though it's not very clear


Jinksy said...

Looking quickly at the last photo, there's a skeletal head and two dangling, ghostly arms of some fantasy being peering onto the depths of the stump! Or have I just got a bit carried away by enforced self isolation? Hehehe- who knows what lack of real people contact can do to an Odd Blogger?!
Stay safe and keep well. ♥

RG said...

I was mowing down by the iron-red slough we live next to and surprised - or say they surprised me - a pair of river otters. We are about 5 "river" miles from the salt water bay. There are also signs of beaver working among the willows I planted there several years ago!!

Our March was cold and dreary - colder than our January. Now it is beginning to be sunny with a bit above 50 degrees F and so I think everything - including me - are happy to get out and about as best we can.