Tuesday 28 April 2020

Brilliant Birds

We really notice all the birds that are around in the local cemeteries when we take our #DailyExercise walk.

Here are some of the best photos Crafty Green Boyfriend has taken recently

1. Long tailed tit. This individual was flying around near the seeds we scattered on one of the gravestones. 

2. bullfinch: this handsome male was sitting in a bush in a garden that borders onto one of the graveyards

3. stock dove: this species is often overlooked as without looking closely you could think it was a freal pigeon, but its black eyes and relatively uniform plumage are distinguishing features

What birds have you seen recently in your garden, from your window or on your #DailyExercise?

The UK Government is, at the moment, allowing us out for one form of #DailyExercise once a day in addition to visiting the shops (as infrequently as possible), travelling to work (for those with essential jobs that can't be done from home) and medical emergencies including helping those who are self isolating. In England, the police advice is that you can drive to a location before walking or jogging as long as you spend more time exercising than driving, the advice from Police Scotland however, seems to be that you should not drive to a location to exercise and should only exercise very locally.


eileeninmd said...


Beautiful birds and photos. I am glad to get outside for a walk. Take care, have a happy day!

RG said...

Yellow rumped warblers, towhees, juncos, swallows, white crowned sparrows, robins, chickadees, bald eagles, ... a busy place where I live!!!

almtsbb said...

Whoa, Rabbits' Guy you do have a lot of activity. I've only seen robins and starlings around my place. Love the pictures Crafty Green Boyfriend took.

Bill said...

Robins and starlings and sparrows oh my!