Friday 29 November 2019

Cold and Sunny on Corstorphine HIll

It's a beautiful autumnal day today, cold and sunny but very muddy underfoot from all the recent rain. I joined Crafty Green Boyfriend for his lunchtime walk round Corstorphine Hill today (he works very close to the hill!). Many of the trees are bare now

though the last few leaves on these silver birches are glowing beautifully in the sunlight

and this oak still has a lot of leaves (as do many of the oaks on the hill)

The bright sunlight meant there were lots of nice shadows

and the candle-snuff fungi is showing very well this year - I like the colour contrast between the fungi and the moss

There were lots of birds around, though none posed for photos! It was nice to see the first fieldfares of the winter though we were slightly disappointed not to find bramblings (winter visiting finches) among the flock of chaffinches and bullfinches.


Magyar said...

Juliet, one or more of your photos, always causes my sleeping thoughts to awaken. _m

antler fungus
reaches above this cold stone
the seasoned leaves

Lowcarb team member said...

… I agree, the colour contrast between the fungi and the moss is lovely to see.

All the best Jan