Wednesday 20 June 2018

Supa Modo - Edinburgh International Film Festival


Supa Modo is a superhero film with a difference.

Nine year old Jo (Stycie Waweru) is a terminally ill Kenyan girl who loves superhero films and sharing superhero stories with her friends in hospital. In her dreams she dons a super hero cape and flies through the forests. She has a wonderful little superhero doll (that looks to be handmade from fabrics) which she uses to act out superhero stories.

When her mother Kathryn takes her out of hospital to spend the rest of her days at home, Jo becomes closer to her older sister Mwix. The two girls spend time away from their overprotective Mum with Mwix persuading Jo to believe that she has superpowers. 

What ensues is a wonderfully engaging adventure with the whole village joining in to help make Jo's last days happy. It's a vibrant film full of colour and laughter as well as being moving and heartbreaking. The beautiful landscapes of Kenya, the bright colours of the Kenyan fabrics worn by the women and decorating the houses.

I love how the ending of the film brings everything together and shows how the legacy of a child's death can have positive elements within the tragedy.

It really is a wonderful film, see it if you can.

Supa Modo is showing at Edinburgh International Film Festival at 1820 on Friday 22 June at Vue Omni and at 1310 on Sunday 24 June at Odeon.

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Disclaimer: I have a press pass for the Edinburgh International Film Festival and attended a free press screening of this film.

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