Friday 27 October 2017

Up the HIll

I joined Crafty Green Boyfriend for his lunchtime walk round Corstorphine Hill today (He works just near the hill, so can walk round it most lunchtimes!). The weather had really warmed up from the early cold start and the trees were looking lovely in the sun

There's also a lot of fungi around, including this lovely patch of turkey tail


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Reminds of the small wood behind Kirkcudbright, the wide leafy paths I walked at a similar time of year.

Magyar said...

Nifty photos Juliet, and I like that fungi name, turkey tail and its feathered view. _m

speak of this sunlit walk
fallen leaves

Caroline Gill said...

What a beautiful scene, Juliet, and the light... We have had stormy seas for the last couple of days, graced, yesterday afternoon, by a large rainbow.