Monday 23 October 2017

Notes from a birdwatching walk

Several fieldfares, flying around, calling loudly above the streets. I watched them with delight but they had flown before the birdwatching group arrived.

One treecreeper spiralling its way up the tree, from the back its variegated brown plumage lets it blend in with the tree trunk, from the side, though, its white tummy isvery visible.

One kestrel hovering very low to the top of the hill. By the time we had climbed the hill though, hoping for a better view, the kestrel had entirely disappeared!

Three male bullfinches, lined up in a row in the top branches of a bush, their dark pink breasts glowing beautifully.

One female bullfinch, disappearing into another bush, from where she called constantly, a quiet call.

Blue tits, robins and wrens everywhere!

Easter Craiglockart Hill this morning.

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Lowcarb team member said...

Appreciated the links you gave, thank you.

All the best Jan

Jamie Purves said...

A fine collection of birds at Craiglockhart! Fieldfares are such grand birds and handsome heralds of winter! A Century ago I expect Wilfrid Owen might have seen the same birds on his field trips out from the War Hospital on the Wester Hill. It must have been a welcome sanctuary from the devastation of the Western Front and the War to end all Wars!