Thursday 26 October 2017

The Secret Garden

Today's writing group from the Ripple Project spontaneously had a trip out to the nearby Lochend Community Growing Project's Secret Garden as one of the group members was involved in an event at the garden.

It's a lovely garden, tucked away between houses

with lots of raised beds that the members cultivate and decorate

There's a wonderful pizza oven for cooking and baking

and a lovely cosy corner for chatting in

We took part in a plant pot decorating workshop, which involved spray paint, and in my case, haiku

The second haiku reads

autumn garden
the lingering scent
of lavender

We also drank tea and ate some lovely vegan chocolate cake made by one of the garden members.


Blogoratti said...

Wonderful garden, hopefully it remains a secret :)
Warm greetings!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That's a great set up. There are similar things in Bristol where my sister lives, hopefully I'll get to visit